Affiliate Program

“Vanquest Affiliate Program:
Help us grow, and turn your passion into cash flow!”

The Vanquest Affiliate Program (VAP) is an *exclusive program designed for content creators who are "Friends of the Vanquest Team" seeking a trusty long-term affiliate partner in the everyday carry (EDC) & outdoor gear marketspace. We are looking for content creators who plan to (1) maintain a long-term partnership with the Vanquest brand, (2) create original content about Vanquest products, and (3) remain active in content creation.

Vanquest Affiliate Program can turn your gear review passion into cash flow on qualified sales by linking your reviews to Vanquest products. If you are an everyday carry (EDC), outdoor gear, or adventure enthusiasts, and have a sizeable following, you may **apply & qualify for the Vanquest Affiliate Program (VAP). For more info, contact us at / 949-216-8880 (Affiliate Program - Attn: Alex)

*Due to limited resources, Vanquest can only work with a few affiliates in a calendar year. Currently, the program is invitation-only, and mostly reserved for those who have worked with us in the Reviewer Outreach Program (ROP). 

**We take all VAP applications seriously and we conduct periodic reviews to qualify new affiliate partners. We thank you for your support and understanding.

What's Different About Vanquest Brand?

  • (1) Over 60% of customers purchase MULTIPLE times a year
  • (2) Average order $200
  • (3) Extremely high customer satisfaction: Net Promoter Score (NPS) 89+ tracked since 2013
  • (4) Strong brand loyalty & low defect and return rate
  • (5) Responsibly sourced materials & production (We work with Bluesign®-certified suppliers to ensure sustainability and resource-saving production)

Program Overview

You earn 6% (base) to 10% (maximum) commission (based on your activity level) with a 15-day cookie duration on qualified end-user sales (excludes all dealer sales & returns within 45 days). Commission payout based on last-click rule (no split commission). See Affiliate Terms below for more details. Avantlink tools for tracking and banner ads for your use. Apply HERE

Affiliates Can Be

Everyday carry (EDC) gear reviewers, bags & packs reviewers, photographers, hikers, campers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts. We prioritize videos over articles & blog posts. Our ideal partners create engaging and creative content across platforms such as YouTube, review sites, and blog sites.

Vanquest Brand Story

Vanquest® was founded in 2011 with one simple mission: Build the toughest bags & packs for everyday carry (EDC), and help you stay organized & prepared!

Since 2011, the Vanquest Team has been building the TOUGHEST bags & packs for EVERYDAY CARRY, and help you stay ORGANIZED & PREPARED. Vanquest products are used by outdoor enthusiasts, adventure travelers, security professionals such as the US Secret Service, the FBI, US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), and everyday users like you! We have the experience to help you stay organized & prepared, EVERY DAY!

*We develop all Vanquest® products in the US and we partner with major US name-brand suppliers (such as Crye Precision for MultiCam-Black Cordura®). We assemble your bags & packs in Taiwan and Vietnam for the best quality and value.

Affiliate Terms (Key Sections: A/C/D/J)

A. Commission & Cookie Duration: (1) You earn a 6% (base) to 10% (maximum) commission rate with a 15-day cookie duration on qualified end-user sales (all dealer sales are excluded from commission payout); (2) Commissions are adjustable for customer product returns within 45-days; (3) Commission rate increases with your content activity (and decreases with inactivity). See "Commission Rate Adjustments" section for more details; (4) Commission rate and cookie duration subject to change without notice.

B. Applications & Qualifications: (1) Vanquest has a limit on how many Affiliates we can work with per calendar year. If you have been a non-paid YouTube reviewer working with us regularly through our Reviewer Outreach Program (ROP), you will have priority to be in the Vanquest Affiliate Program (VAP); (2) If you have never worked with Vanquest as a reviewer, we will evaluate your work content(s) to ensure good match between you and the Vanquest brand.

C. Minimum Content Requirement: (1) There is no Minimum Content Requirement, however, the more content you create, the higher your commission rate is. We value quality over quantity, and your content must be original; (2) If you have not created any Vanquest content for over 6 months, your commission rate will be reset to 6% (base); (3) If you have not created any Vanquest content for 12 months, we reserve the right to end our affiliate partnership, and you will be removed from the Vanquest Affiliate Program (VAP).

D. Commission Rate Adjustments: (1) Please let us know when you are posting your content, and we will adjust your commission rate after it is posted; (2) Each YouTube video posted will increase your commission rate by 1% until you reach the maximum rate; (3) You may substitute 1 YouTube video for 2x articles / blogposts. In other words, each article / blogpost will increase your commission rate by 0.5% until you reach the maximum rate; (4) If you have not created any Vanquest content for over 6 months, your commission rate will be reset to 6%; (5) If you have not created any Vanquest content in 12 months, you will be removed from the Vanquest Affiliate Program (VAP). You may still qualify for the Reviewer Outreach Program (ROP), and / or reapply for the Affiliate Program in the future when you are ready for a long-term affiliate partnership with Vanquest.

E. Product Selections: (1) Your advisor at Vanquest will work together with you to find the right product(s) for your audience; (2) Product(s) will be provided free of charge. If certain product(s) must be returned, a return label will be provided; (3) We only send you product(s) for one review project at a time unless otherwise specified.

F. Pricing and Discount: (1) If you mention pricing in your review, please check for the most updated MSRP pricing; (2) The only discount you may mention is the 5% newsletter signup discount on You may not offer discount that has expired or is inaccurate. Please check with us if you have any questions.

G. Affiliate Links & Affiliate Link Distribution: (1) You may only share Affiliate Links to the Vanquest product(s) that you have reviewed (or mentioned) in your reviews; (2) You may only post Affiliate Links on your Vanquest product review pages; (3) Any campaign, posting, and / or marketing effort with the primary purpose of distributing Affiliate Links, that has little or nothing to do with product reviews are prohibited even if it’s on your own website / webpage (e.g. imbedding Affiliate Links in pop-up / pop-down windows, banner ads, layer ads, etc.); (4) You may not post Affiliate Links outside of your review pages (e.g. coupon sites, discount sites, incentive sites, or run retargeting ads, etc.) You may post product review on social media groups or forums, and take viewers to your actual reviews where the Affiliate Links are distributed; (5) You may not post Affiliate Links on sites managed by Vanquest (i.e., the official Vanquest Facebook, Instagram, YouTube pages, and product reviews, etc.).

H. Paid Searches & Ads: (1) You may not bid on or purchase keywords, search terms, or other identifiers of Vanquest on any Search Engine, including the word “Vanquest", “Vanquest Gear”, “Vanquest Tough-Built Gear”, or any other Vanquest product names & trademarks for the purpose of distributing Affiliate Links; (2) You may not create ads (e.g. retargeting ads) to distribute Affiliate Links; (3) You may submit links to Search Engines to appear in response to a general Internet search (i.e., in natural, free, organic, or unpaid search results).

I. Attempt to Divert Existing Traffic: (1) Intent to divert existing traffic to Vanquest sites are prohibited (i.e., post Affiliate Links on; (2) You will not attempt to redirect traffic from (or on) any site that participates in the Affiliate Program; (3) You will not artificially generate clicks or impressions on your site or Vanquest site, whether by way of a robot or software program or otherwise.

J. Termination of Affiliate Partnership: (1) You or Vanquest may end the affiliate partnership at any time, with or without notice; (2) Violation of the key terms, especially “Affiliate Links & Affiliate Link Distribution”, “Paid Searches & Ads”, and “Attempt to Divert Existing Traffic” may result in termination of the affiliate partnership, and reversal of commissions; (3) Life happens. If you have not created any Vanquest content for 6 months, we will kindly remind you before resetting your commission rate; (4) If you have not created any Vanquest content for a year, we will remind you and offer you a 3-month grace period. If you are still unable produce any Vanquest content, our affiliate partnership will end. You may still qualify for the Reviewer Outreach Program (ROP), and / or reapply for the Affiliate Program in the future when you are ready for a long-term affiliate partnership with Vanquest.