2020 Urban Series now open for pre-order! For a limited time, PRE-ORDER and SAVE! Order fully refundable, and covered under 100-Day Return / Refund after your order is delivered. Shipping starts late-April.

Check out the video to see the inside of the Urban Series bags. We promise to upload more interior images soon. 


Vanquest was asked by many of you to create a line of sleek and discreet EDC (everyday carry) bags that are CCW comparable with the same durability, organizations and quality that Vanquest is known for. In other words, a perfect companion for your daily errands, office, and school. Introducing the 2020 Urban Series: ADDAX-18, ADDAX-25, CARBIDE-8, CARBIDE-12, DENDRITE-Small, and DENDRITE-Large. 

Along with new designs that are non-tactical, we are using a new "UrbanBlend™" 400-D Nylon-Poly fabric with multi-PU coatings on both sides for the highest level of water-resistance and protection from the elements. The “UrbanBlend” fabric has a heathered pattern, comes in Midnight Blue & Shadow Gray, which further pushing our products into a classroom & professional business setting. We also use MultiCam-Black Cordura to give those who need their camo fix.