4th of July Deals


4th Of July Sale!


Happy 4th of July! What better way to celebrate our independence than to upgrade your gear!  Only this weekend can you get this great product bundle! We are excited to get these bags on your backs and see all the great adventures you take them on! Offers end on Monday 7/4/22.


TRIDENT-32 = FREE Hydra Bottle Holder!


When you get a TRIDENT-32 Backpack, you'll get a free Hydra Bottle Holder in blue! Keep yourself hydrated this summer by adding an extra bottle to your pack!

FATPacks Get A Free Medical Cross Patch!


All sizes of the FATPack will come with a free 1x1 Medical Patch in red! So be careful with those fireworks, and keep a medical kit close by just in case! And maybe a fire extinguisher...

Get Patriotic with a Free Flag Patch!


In addition to the above items, all orders over $149 will receive a free US Flag Patch! What better way to celebrate!

We cannot thank you enough for supporting the Vanquest brand, and are excited to see these new products on your backs!


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