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PILUM VSlinger Left-Shoulder Slingpack

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Product Description

**Only Coyote Tan Available**

**FIRE SALE products can only be returned for exchange for other FIRE SALE product(s) within 30-days (refund not available for FIRE SALE items)**

Designed for urban carry, the PILUM™ VSlinger™ offers the same levels of functionalities & ergonomics as our popular JAVELIN VSlinger, with a refined urban-covert look.

The shoulder-specific asymmetrical design stores your gear securely both upright and sideways. A quick swing of the pack to your front, pull open its large S-shaped zipper, and have instant access to your gear.

The 3"-wide shoulder strap with padded breathable mesh delivers great support and comfort. There is a hidden slip pocket against your body and a 2” Duraflex® Double-Lock buckle for added security. You can unlock the buckle with single hand, or have the double-lock feature disabled by adjusting its latch. The stabilizer holds the PILUM close to your body, and stops the pack from shifting when you need stability.

With its 1,000-D mil-grade Cordura® fabric coated with Dupont® Teflon protector and lockable #10 YKK® zippers, this bag can handle any rough conditions.

Padded main compartment and three dividers provide extra protection for your EDC (everyday carry) items, tablets, and photography gear. A dedicated laptop sleeve fits most 15" laptops* and tablets. High-visibility lightweight 210-D ripstop nylon interior helps you find accessories in low-light conditions.

Many organizing pockets on the inside, and a CCW-ready (concealed carry) zippered pocket on the outside. The front vertical webbing with shock-cord provides an area to stuff a jacket. The rear compartment is both CCW- and hydration-ready for a 3-liter water bladder.

Exterior PALS/MOLLE attachment points are found on both sides and the bottom of the PILUM, giving you the option of expansion. Plenty of interior loop surfaces for attaching hook-and-loop accessories. With 19 well-throughout pockets and slots for your personal items, EDCs, and CCWs, the PILUM VSlinger is your ultimate urban-carry slingpack!

*Fits 2015 15" Apple MacBook Pro and 2015 MacBook Air.


FAQ: If I am right-handed, should I choose the RIGHT-Shoulder or LEFT-Shoulder version?

Answer: It depends. Choosing a shoulder to carry a "shoulder-specific" slingpack is usually a personal preference. Whether you are right- or left-handed, you can wear a slingpack on either shoulder as long as it feels "comfortable" to you. Statistically, 60-65% of our right-handed clients opt for a left-shoulder-carry slingpack, and vice versa. There are a few things that you might want to consider when making such decision: (1) Is there another item that you must carry on a specific shoulder? Example, a shoulder carried rifle. If so, you go with the opposite shoulder to carry your slingpack. (2) Do you have a bad shoulder? If so, please wear your slingpack on the opposite side. (3) Do you carry bulky item on one side hip that will interfere with shifting a slingpack to your front? The reason being, a LEFT-shoulder-carry slingpack will swing from your BACK, travel across your RIGHT hip, then to your FRONT. Therefore, if you must carry something bulky on your right-hip, please go with a right-shoulder-carry slingpack (and vice versa). (4) Do you carry something in the bag that must be operated with a specific hand? For example, most cameras are designed for right-hand use, so a photographer might prefer the RIGHT-Shoulder version because it gives him/her better access to cameras using right hand, while allowing left hand to change lens or return the slingpack to the back. 


● Total Pack Capacity: 17 liters
● Net Weight: 2.45 pounds | 1115 grams (1000-D Cordura)
● Interior Size: 18" (H) x 10" (W) x 5" (D)
● Exterior Size: 19" (H) x 11" (W) x 6" (D)
● Padded main compartment for laptop, cameras, and CCWs
● Three padded dividers (5" x 8") for protection and organization
● High-visibility, lightweight 210-D Ripstop nylon interior
● Padded sleeve compartment for a tablet / laptop
● Three compartments with loop field for accessories and CCW
● 19 organizing compartments, slots, and holders, including a shoulder strap pocket
● Padded breathable shoulder strap with 2" Double-Lock buckle by Duraflex
● Exterior MOLLE/PALS webbing for accessory attachment
● Two hydration compartments with loops to secure hose
● Theft deterrent tabs to secure zipper pulls
● One key fob

● Genuine Mil-grade Cordura® fabric with water-repellent Teflon® fabric protector by DuPont®
● Genuine MADE-IN-USA MultiCam & MultiCam-Black Cordura® by Crye Precision™
● High-visibility, lightweight & water-resistant 210-D Ripstop nylon interior
● DurableYKK® RC-Class zippers, reversed for better protection
● ITW® and UTX-Duraflex® hardware made from high tensile strength Acetal polymer
● Circular user-friendly paracord zipper pulls
● Neoprene rubber grab handle for extra comfort
● High tensile strength nylon webbings and binding tapes
● Finished with high tensile strength bonded nylon thread
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Product Reviews

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  1. A great slingpack 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Jun 2018

    I love this pack. It is just what I had hoped for, excellent quality, perfect for my every day bike commuting, as hand luggage for week-end trips, as a day-pack when hunting, as a general every day carry around the city or in the woods. Much more comfortable, versatile and better organised than the messenger bags I've been using. For additional organisation I keep an EDCM Huge at the bottom of the main compartment, fits perfectly. I'm right handed and bought the left-shoulder version with some hesitation but it was the right choice. Only coyote was available - it looks better in real life, less sand colored, more greenish.

  2. Just right 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Jun 2018

    I bought this mainly because I had a stroke a year ago and walk with a cane. Carrying stuff is not easy so I needed a small bag to do for me.
    I have a messenger bag, but I carry it on my left side so it doesn't interfere with my cane. I need to be able to swing my arm like normal when I walk. I can't with a messenger bag.
    I walk to the grocery store as part of my therapy, but carrying stuff all they way back would be a huge issue. I can carry it easily with the Sling-pack.
    It rest comfortably on my back carries what I need.
    BTW I hate back-packs so the sling-pack was the answer.
    And the build quality is great, so unlike my cheap sling-pack that's falling apart at the seams, (literally) it should last.

  3. Sturdy bag 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th May 2018

    Overall the build quality seems very good and I've used it a couple of times and have been completely satisfied. When loaded it can become quite burdensome on the left shoulder as all the weight is riding on it.

  4. Shame to see it go 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Apr 2018

    Very robust built this pack will last me for years. The capacity is just enough for a small amount of gear you would need on a short hike. The organisation options are very nice. I don't know if I've found all the pockets yet

  5. Great Bag! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Apr 2018

    I have finally found a bag that can hold my mac (15"), camera, flash, and a lens or two. The back has a thin zipper pocket that works great as a place for my paperwork. I purchased the PPM-SLIM 2.0: Personal Pocket Maximizer Organizer and Molle Sticks and secured the organizer to the outside of one of the sides. This gave me a bit more storage and it doesn't get in the way. The single shoulder strap is thick, padded and comfortable. I removed the extra thin strap, but have it in the bag for the times I feel I need it. Great bag - sorry to see it is leaving the lineup. Grab one while you can!

  6. Great bag 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Jul 2017

    It would be nice for the solid colors to be offered in 500 D.
    Zero issues with this sling bag. Great product as all the Vanquest line.

  7. Great baby bag 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Apr 2017

    I purchased this bag for my wife to use as a diaper bag. She wanted something with a lot of organization but wasn't too bulky. We had gone through a couple traditional diaper bags but within a couple months would fall apart. She loves the Pilum and the left shoulder works out great with her being right handed. Would definitely recommend.

  8. Pretty awesome 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Feb 2017

    So I just bought this bag a week or two ago, and I already love it. It may seem like a small amount of storage space when you get it but once you organize everything there is plenty of room.
    Lots of pockets
    Comfortable strap
    Plenty of organization
    Durable material

    Binders don't fit amazingly well
    No Velcro space for patches (just a minor con)

  9. Excellent hunting pack 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Dec 2016

    I am loving this pack! The internal dividers are great for keeping my binoculars separated from my camera, while protecting both from being beaten up or banged around while hunting. It's easy to slide the pack in front of me so that I can glass an area or pull my camera to take some photos. I've still got plenty of room for a spare mag or two, plus med supplies, snacks, etc. The additional waist belt is great for further securing the pack if you need to make a quick jog or to keep it secure while climbing a tree, deer stand, or otherwise.

    There's not a lot of real estate to add on other pouches but this bag easily carries what I need. The elastic cord across the back is also great for securing an additional jacket/layer without having to take up room inside the pack.

    My only complaint would be the layout of the pack itself. It seems to be oddly shaped due to the way the main compartment zipper runs and that the sides of the pack aren't exactly even(one side seems taller than the other). This makes zipping the pack a little troublesome but it's not a deal killer for me, just a minor inconvenience.

  10. Best Sling Bag. Period. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Dec 2016

    I've had them all and spent less as well as a whole lot more on them. The Pilum is at the top of the list though, easily. Here is why: Perfect size and comfort, top of the line design and materials, quality beyond compare, A+ company behind it. Its always a pleasure to do anything with Vanquest and picking up a Pilum was a no brainer. It sits really well and stays in place nicely on the shoulder and I don't even use the sternum strap but its nice to know its there in case I have to be on a bike or really mobile for some reason. I got the black one and its a lot less tactical looking than the Javelin. I appreciate this very much. A+ Vanquest!

Showing reviews 1-10 of 15 | Next

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