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PILUM VSlinger Right-Shoulder Slingpack

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Product Description

**Only Coyote Tan available**

**FIRE SALE products can only be returned for exchange for other FIRE SALE product(s) within 30-days (refund not available for FIRE SALE items)**

Designed for urban carry, the PILUM™ VSlinger™ offers the same levels of functionalities & ergonomics as our popular JAVELIN VSlinger, with a refined urban-covert look.

The shoulder-specific asymmetrical design stores your gear securely both upright and sideways. A quick swing of the pack to your front, pull open its large S-shaped zipper, and have instant access to your gear.

The 3"-wide shoulder strap with padded breathable mesh delivers great support and comfort. There is a hidden slip pocket against your body and a 2” Duraflex® Double-Lock buckle for added security. You can unlock the buckle with single hand, or have the double-lock feature disabled by adjusting its latch. The stabilizer holds the PILUM close to your body, and stops the pack from shifting when you need stability.

With its 1,000-D mil-grade Cordura® fabric coated with Dupont® Teflon protector and lockable #10 YKK® zippers, this bag can handle any rough conditions.

Padded main compartment and three dividers provide extra protection for your EDC (everyday carry) items, tablets, and photography gear. A dedicated laptop sleeve fits most 15" laptops* and tablets. High-visibility lightweight 210-D ripstop nylon interior helps you find accessories in low-light conditions.

Many organizing pockets on the inside, and a CCW-ready (concealed carry) zippered pocket on the outside. The front vertical webbing with shock-cord provides an area to stuff a jacket. The rear compartment is both CCW- and hydration-ready for a 3-liter water bladder.

Exterior PALS/MOLLE attachment points are found on both sides and the bottom of the PILUM, giving you the option of expansion. Plenty of interior loop surfaces for attaching hook-and-loop accessories. With 19 well-throughout pockets and slots for your personal items, EDCs, and CCWs, the PILUM VSlinger is your ultimate urban-carry slingpack!

*Fits 2015 15" Apple MacBook Pro and 2015 MacBook Air.

FAQ: If I am right-handed, should I choose the RIGHT-Shoulder or LEFT-Shoulder version?

Answer: It depends. Choosing a shoulder to carry a "shoulder-specific" slingpack is usually a personal preference. Whether you are right- or left-handed, you can wear a slingpack on either shoulder as long as it feels "comfortable" to you. Statistically, 60-65% of our right-handed clients opt for a left-shoulder-carry slingpack, and vice versa. There are a few things that you might want to consider when making such decision: (1) Is there another item that you must carry on a specific shoulder? Example, a shoulder carried rifle. If so, you go with the opposite shoulder to carry your slingpack. (2) Do you have a bad shoulder? If so, please wear your slingpack on the opposite side. (3) Do you carry bulky item on one side hip that will interfere with shifting a slingpack to your front? The reason being, a LEFT-shoulder-carry slingpack will swing from your BACK, travel across your RIGHT hip, then to your FRONT. Therefore, if you must carry something bulky on your right-hip, please go with a right-shoulder-carry slingpack (and vice versa). (4) Do you carry something in the bag that must be operated with a specific hand? For example, most cameras are designed for right-hand use, so a photographer might prefer the RIGHT-Shoulder version because it gives him/her better access to cameras using right hand, while allowing left hand to change lens or return the slingpack to the back. 


● Total Pack Capacity: 17 liters
● Net Weight: 2.45 pounds | 1115 grams (1000-D Cordura)
● Interior Size: 18" (H) x 10" (W) x 5" (D)
● Exterior Size: 19" (H) x 11" (W) x 6" (D)
● Padded main compartment for laptop, cameras, and CCWs
● Three padded dividers (5" x 8") for protection and organization
● High-visibility, lightweight 210-D Ripstop nylon interior
● Padded sleeve compartment for a tablet / laptop
● Three compartments with loop field for accessories and CCW
● 19 organizing compartments, slots, and holders, including a shoulder strap pocket
● Padded breathable shoulder strap with 2" Double-Lock buckle by Duraflex
● Exterior MOLLE/PALS webbing for accessory attachment
● Two hydration compartments with loops to secure hose
● Theft deterrent tabs to secure zipper pulls
● One key fob

● Genuine Mil-grade Cordura® fabric with water-repellent Teflon® fabric protector by DuPont®
● Genuine MADE-IN-USA MultiCam & MultiCam-Black Cordura® by Crye Precision™
● High-visibility, lightweight & water-resistant 210-D Ripstop nylon interior
● DurableYKK® RC-Class zippers, reversed for better protection
● ITW® and UTX-Duraflex® hardware made from high tensile strength Acetal polymer
● Circular user-friendly paracord zipper pulls
● Neoprene rubber grab handle for extra comfort
● High tensile strength nylon webbings and binding tapes
● Finished with high tensile strength bonded nylon thread
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Product Reviews

  1. Bigger on the inside 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Sep 2017

    I wanted a single pack that I could consolidate my work and personal stuff into. This pack has an awful lot of usable interior space despite the clean and compact appearance - it looks good enough to use in professional situations while being rugged enough to hold up anywhere. I'm also pleased with how well it carries - my previous sling packs used a center strap (so aren't right or left sided) and thus carry diagonally. This one rides straight up and down and that gives it a lot more stability and carrying ability. Very pleased with the pack.

  2. Excellent bag 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Aug 2017

    Perfect sling bag for what I needed, just the right size to hold my camera, tablet and some EDC while I'm travelling. Really like the protection it provides my electronic equipment and the security of the bag not having to be put down and potentially stolen.

  3. Perfect EDC bag 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jul 2017

    The "modularity" with the inserts allows papers/books/portfolios, along with spaces for multi-tools, lights, med-kits, etc. for daily needs. The organization and accessibility is really about the best I've seen. Construction top-notch. Really not a think I want to change about this bag.

  4. Excellent pack 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Jul 2017

    I needed an every day carry bag that I didn’t have to take off to access the contents. This sling pack meets my requirements. It’s big enough to attach several pouches to (pack edc, medical) and small enough to take everywhere. The only issue I have is in mounting pouches. Sometimes I want to mount them crosswise to the molle straps and there isn’t a suitable attachment device to do so from vanquest. Otherwise, I’m well please with this sling pack.

  5. Needs to be just a little wider. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Mar 2017

    Overall I like this bag. I am a fan of VSlingers. I bought to hold my 15" mac book pro and camera. It gets the job done but not as well as I would like it to. My mac book is a tight fit. It bulges near the bottom edge of the bag by the zipper track. I am scared that it will scratch up the edges of my mac book and/or tear the bag if I continue to use it for my mac book. If you are using a smaller laptop you should have no problems with this bag. I have since then converted to my range bag and it works pretty well for that. I hope that Vanquest will improve upon this bag and make it a little wider. I really enjoy the simplicity of the bags looks. All in all great bag just not for a 15" mac book pro.

  6. Perfect EDC laptop bag 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Feb 2017

    I was in the market for a new EDC laptop bag that was nice and portable. I was pleasantly surprised with the space provided and the expand ability provided by the well placed MOLLE webbing. The explanation for the product says it fits a 15" MacBook Pro, it has a bit more room than that. I am comfortably fitting my ThinkPad P50 Workstation in the bag with little compromise (Although I have not tried storing my Concealed Carry in the provided CCW pocket, it might have some issues there).

    Overall it is exactly what I was expecting and am very happy with the craftsmanship and materials used. Next purchase will be the EDC pouches to better organize the inside of the slinger.

  7. Great Pack 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Dec 2016

    This pack is just the right size it's not to small or to big it also fits everything nicely with plenty of room laptops, tablets,hydration bags and CCW you can't go wrong.

  8. Love this bag 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Apr 2016

    Ok so if your looking for a sling pack you need to check this one out! This is a great bag. I've got a wife and two kids and on outings it holds everything I need it to appearal,ipad,diapers etc. with room to spare. When I get home just swap out my maxpedition organizers (would rather have vanquest maximizers)and it's back to my edc bag. This packs unique design which I've found to be loved by people who see it, let's you access the interior without ever taking it off. Just grab the neoprene handle on the lower side of the bag and pull it around to the front and unzip. In low light conditions, the highly visible interior of the bag let's you see your gear very easily eliminating the need to take out numerous pieces of gear just to find one. Do not waste your money and time on cheaper bags in hopes they will do the same thing because from my experience they will not! I've spent lots of money on cheaper bags thinking they would be just as good and I'm lucky to get even a full year out of them without stitching coming out, nylon lining cracking and ripping off in pieces. Do yourself a favor and just save up for a quality bag. The first time I held this bag and other vanquest products you could feel the quality/durability. These bags will last a lifetime. They are as the name says...TOUGH-BUILT GEAR. You will not be disappointed by this bag or anything else Vanquest makes. These are among some of the best products on the market IMHO!

  9. Excellent pack! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Jan 2016

    I bought this bag specifically to take to shot show. It did not disappoint. The main advantage to VSlinger style bags is that you can access the compartments without taking the bag off. Which is excellent when you are at a crowded trade show and are constantly having to get in and out of your bag to get out documents or to stash brochures. The quality of material and workmanship on this bag is excellent like all of the other Vanquest products I've used.

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