TRIDENT-20 (Gen-2) Backpack

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TRIDENT-20 (Gen-2) Backpack

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TRIDENT-20 (Gen-2) improvements: (1) 0.5" wider to better fit a 15" laptop (MacBook Pro / Air). Total capacity = 1 liter larger, (2) low profile MOLLE-Air structure that's loop-covered for ID patches, (3) taller padded dividers, (4) improved shoulder straps with denser padding.

TRIDENT backpack is the natural evolution of the popular Javelin™ slingpack into a larger, more versatile backpack. You wear it like a backpack, with the option of quick-access from the side like a slingpack.

The new TRIDENT-20 (Gen-2) is 21 liters in total capacity (1 liter larger than the original TRIDENT), with improved shoulder straps, and a removable 2" waist strap. You can now comfortably carry more gear and heavier loads.

Padded main compartment and three dividers provide extra protection for your EDC (everyday carry) items, photography gear, or range gear. A dedicated laptop sleeve that can hold a 15" laptop (MacBook Pro / Air) in a slim cover. You can access the interior from top or left side, and like a slingpack, you can quickly get to your gear by swinging the backpack to your front. Total 34 pockets and slots to organize your gear.

High-visibility 210-D ripstop nylon interior helps you find things in low-light conditions. Dual hydration system (hydration/CCW compartment, and main compartment) let you carry up to 5 liters of water at once. Hydration hose can be anchored to the left or right shoulder strap.

Low profile MOLLE-Air structure is MOLLE-compatible, and loop-covered for ID patches. Many interior loop fields for CCW and internal organization.

With its genuine 1000-D mil-grade Cordura® fabric (500-D Cordura® on Multicam & Multicam-Black) coated in DuPont® Teflon®, ITW/Duraflex hardware, and lockable YKK® zippers, TRIDENT is a compact day pack ready to handle any tough situations.


FAQ: I have a JAVELIN Right-Shoulder slingpack, so is the TRIDENT backpack designed more for right- or left-shoulder-carry?

Answer: Both. TRIDENT is a double-shoulder backpack, so unlike a single-shoulder slingpack, you wear the TRIDENT backpack on both shoulders.

FAQ: TRIDENT’s main compartment opening is asymmetrical like the JAVELINs, so is it designed more for right- or left-handed users?

Answer: Both. TRIDENT is a double-shoulder backpack, and to access your gear, you can either (1) take the entire backpack off and go through your gear like any other backpack; or (2) swing the backpack to your front like a slingpack, and access the interior from the side zipper opening.

Because of TRIDENT’s asymmetrical design (zipper opening on top and left), you will have to first free your right shoulder, grip the grab handle on the bottom-left of the backpack with your left hand to shift the TRIDENT to your front. This motion will give you access to the backpack with its left zipper opening facing you (similar to our bestselling JAVELINs).

Specs & Features

  • NEW: Loop-Faced MOLLE-Air structure for MOLLE accessory & morale patch attachment
  • NEW: Added 0.5 inch to width for better fit of 15” MacBook Pro / Air or similar laptops, which adds 1 liter to overall capacity (now 21 liters)
  • NEW: Hook & loop closure for interior ripstop pockets in top & bottom front compartments
  • NEW: Taller padded dividers (3) now included
  • NEW: Slip pocket on exterior of Side Admin compartment
  • NEW: Denser padding for shoulder strap and backside for added comfort
  • Net Weight: 3.20 pounds | (1000-D Cordura®)
  • Net Weight: 3.05 pounds | (500-D MultiCam & MultiCam-Black Cordura®)
  • Total Capacity: 21 Liters
  • Overall Exterior Size (Fully Extended): 18" (H) x 11" (W) x 9" (D)
  • Main Compartment (Interior): 17.5" (H) x 10.5" (W) x 5" (D)
  • Top Front Compartment (Interior): 4.5" (H) x 9.5" (W) x 2" (D)
  • Bottom Front Compartment (Interior): 11.25" (H) x 9.5" (W) x 2" (D)
  • Rear Hydration / CCW Compartment (Interior): 17” (H) x 10” (W)
  • Side Admin Compartment (Interior): 10 (H) x 3.75 (W)
  • Slip pocket on outside of Side Admin Compartment: 8" (H) x 4" (W)
  • Padded sleeve for tablet or laptop up to 15” (max. size 16” W x 10” D)
  • High-visibility, lightweight 210-D Ripstop Nylon interior
  • Total 34 organizing compartments and slots
  • MOLLE/PALS webbings for accessory attachment
  • Materials:1,000-D Mil-grade Cordura® fabric with water-repellent Teflon® fabric protector by DuPont® (500-D Mil-grade Cordura® on Multicam & Multicam-Black)
  • Genuine MADE-IN-USA MultiCam® & MultiCam-Black Cordura® by Crye Precision™
  • High-visibility, lightweight & moisture resistant 210-D Ripstop nylon interior
  • Durable RC-Class YKK® lockable zippers, reversed for protection
  • Lightweight MOLLE-Air structure for MOLLE accessory attachment
  • MOLLE-compatible attachment system with PALS webbing
  • Mil-grade ITW® and UTX-Duraflex® hardware made from high tensile strength Acetal polymer
  • Circular zipper loops made of paracord
  • High tensile strength nylon webbings and binding tapes
  • Finished with high tensile strength bonded nylon thread

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  • 5
    Now it’s my flight bag.

    Posted by Tim Evart on 22nd May 2019

    I’ve owned this bag for over 2 years now. It still looks and functions as new. It started out as my bonafide EDC bag. I carry this every work day in my job as a pilot. This means it goes from home to car to plane to hotel back to plane, car and finally home again. Due to developments at my company that allowed me to cut down on the size of my “kit” requirements, it has taken over the role of flight bag too.

    It fits between the seats and with the side zipper open, it allows access to whatever I decide to put there. I transfer my coffee and water thermoses from the zippered front compartment to sit upright in what would be the top of the main compartment if it were situated upright. I can also access food items as well.

    In the summer I’ll put my headset in the top of the main compartment and my company iPads in the portion designed for such use to keep them out of the hot weather while I’m at the hotel. In the winter, my rain gear takes their place.

    I could go on, but suffice to say that this bag wears extremely well, is well thought out, and with a little imagination, has eliminated one of the bags I would normally have had to lug around.

    Thanks for reading.

  • 5
    Perfect EDC pack!!!!

    Posted by Rich on 26th Apr 2019

    This is my EDC pack that goes pretty much everywhere with me. I had previously purchased the Trident 31 for ERT Go Bag. I was looking for the same quality and style but smaller. This fit the bill perfect! While you are at it, grab a fatpack too! I have 2 different sizes and they are perfect for med/trauma kits

  • 5
    Trident 20

    Posted by Todd Goetz on 20th Jan 2019

    Awesome bag. I have the Javelin sling bag that I use as a first response bag on the ambulance. This is just a tad bigger and just a nice. However, The day after I received it in the mail, the next generation of this bag was released. I should have known. Not a waste of money, but sure would have liked to have that water bottle holder. Word of advice, If their products go on sale it's because they are planning to release a new and improved version. Be patient.

  • 5

    Posted by Timothy Gilmore on 6th Jan 2019

    You can literally through this down a mountain and it will be fine. it is quite stiff thanks to the 1000d i personally like it that way but if you prefer softer packs look at the camo versions they are in 500d. it's got great zipper pulls with fishermans knots istead of just simple knots like on most packs. the only con's i see is that it doesn't really stands it just falls over and the padding could be thicker. besides that it's pretty much perfect. maybe hid - away inside waterbolltle sleeves in future. because there aren't any designated places for your bottles on this pack. but this is really just picking at beans. It's AWSOME

  • 5
    TRIDENT-20 (Gen-2) Backpack

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Jan 2019

    Awesome Bagpack !!

  • 4
    The best, but hase a problem

    Posted by Ruslan on 9th Dec 2018

    The best backpack for every day. But! I carry in this backpack a mirorless camera and and macbook 15 for a year and, as a result zipper broken ( sad but true )

  • 4
    Great office bag!

    Posted by Daniel Croll on 17th Oct 2018

    It has been almost a year since I bought this bag and my original thought was as an EDC bag. However, due to the small size and lack of included water bottle holder, it does not fit my EDC use. I think if you carry a minimal amount of stuff and are not worried about a water bottle holder, then this is perfect for every day use. This would hold the things I carry with me on a daily basis, but leave no room for other stuff and I like the ability to put random things in the bag since I'm using it to go different places.

    My initial thoughts (posted in a prior review last December) on the quality and organization of this bag still stand almost a year later though. I have added the Vanquest Hydra water bottle holder to the side and this is perfect for my work bag. I carry a smaller (maybe 13") HP work laptop in it and it fits all the things that I want with me at the office. I have my pens, flashlight, first aid kit, small survival kit and leaves me a little bit of room for a book and sunglasses case. It's comfortable to carry a decent amount of weight and the sling capability is cool for when I'm walking out to my car and realizing that my keys are still inside one of the pockets. Love this bag and will continue to use it as my work bag every day. I upgraded to the Trident 31 just this week as my EDC bag outside of work, so will post review on that after I have a chance to mess with it. Great job Vanquest!!!

  • 5
    There can only be one bag...

    Posted by Mitch on 18th Sep 2018

    This is honestly the best bag I have ever used in my life. I do photography and hike a decent amount in the San Diego area. This is the exact pack I needed. Other brands overcharge the crap out of their packs. I realized this after owning this pack for 5 months or so because it looks almost brand new after hard abuse. They are a little too tactical I think, because there is a decent amount of molle webbing. But that aside, the quality of the construction, quality of materials, and how cool the guys are, make this experience the best bag I've ever had. Not to trash talk other brands, but I was looking at packs costing $300+ for a basic design, no padding, and had to pay shipping. Nope, get a Vanquest pack. I hope they start marketing more and grow their business because it wasn't easy to find them!

  • 4
    Very well thought out backpack

    Posted by Paul on 11th Jul 2018

    Overall, I am very happy with the backpack. I would get this backpack over a Maxpedition any day of the week. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars and not 5 is because I wish there were zipper pockets inside the backpack instead of Velcro. The build quality is 5 stars, the material is 5 stars etc.. So consider this a 4.9/5 rating overall.

    Another suggestion for the main compartment would be to make the inserts non-removable. This can just be an options for the backpack, so people can choose which one they would rather have. In my opinion, most people that are using this for EDC already know what they want to carry.