Product Technology

“By combining the toughest materials and durable workmanship,
the quality of each pack is greater than the sum of its parts.”
- The Vanquest Team -

What is CORDURA® Nylon-66 fabric and why do we use it?

For more than 40 years, CORDURA®, the DuPont-invented & battlefield-trusted fabric, excels on abrasion tests against other nylon fabric because of its unique air-texturized Nylon-66 yarn.

Unlike generic nylon (Nylon-6), CORDURA’s Nylon-66 is much tougher, stronger, and has a higher melting point (514 F vs 428 F, or 268 Celsius vs 220 Celsius)

Also unlike generic nylon’s “loose” molecular structure, Nylon-66’s parallel molecular chains are held together by strong hydrogen bonds, making Nylon-66’s structure tighter, harder, and more abrasion-resistant.

Despite of its higher cost, we use CORDURA® generously because we know durability matters to supporter like you!

P.S. CORDURA's superior abrasion-resistant characteristic comes from its Nylon-66 air-texturized yarn, and by default, cannot be imitated nor substituted by the stiffness & heaviness of low-cost triple polyurethane (PU) coated 1,000-D nylon. Search "Vanquest Cordura" on YouTube to see the difference.


© Copyright CORDURA® Brand. Image also available from CORDURA® Brand YouTube video “Don't Be This Guy – Cyclist”


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VANQUEST® featured on the official CORDURA® site

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Toughest Parts & Materials


  • Genuine military-grade CORDURA® & Made-in-USA MultiCam® CORDURA® by Crye Precision™.
  • Eco-friendly Durable Water Repellent (DWR) fabric protector.
  • Superior multi-layer polyurethane (PU) water-resistant coating that’s flexible and quiet.
  • High-visibility, durable, and lightweight 210-D ripstop nylon interior (see image).
  • RFID-blocking composite fabric by Vanquest®


  • Military-grade ITW® & Duraflex® hardware made of high tensile strength Acetal polymer. Acetal (DELRIN® by DuPont) offers greater tensile strength over lower-cost nylon hardware. Acetal hardware is less susceptible to moisture and temperature, while nylon hardware absorbs water and its strength is compromised by temperature and moisture (see image).
  • Durable YKK® reversed RC zippers and YKK® Aquaguard water-resistant zippers.
  • Zipper track reversed for better protection and low-profile design (see image).
  • Unique user-friendly paracord zipperpulls, or ITW ZipLine loops (see image).

Other Parts:

  • User-friendly SPARTANTM zipperpulls.
  • Closed cell foam padding for load bearing comfort & shock absorption.
  • Neoprene rubber padded handles for extra comfort.
  • Breathable padded mesh shoulder straps & back panels.
  • High tensile strength nylon webbing and binding tapes.
  • High tensile strength bonded nylon thread.

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Durable Build Quality & Workmanship

Quality is in the details. Using the toughest materials is just the beginning. Combining the toughest materials with the most durable construction is what Vanquest bags and packs are about.

  • Bartacking on MOLLE/PALS webbing (see image)
  • Double stitching for better construction
  • Closed cell foam padding for load bearing comfort & shock absorption
  • “Box-and-X” stitching on stress points
  • Breathable padded mesh shoulder straps & back panels
  • Seams taped and finished with high tensile strength bonded nylon thread
  • We source materials from all over the world, including the US (genuine MultiCam / MultiCam-Black CORDURA®, etc.), and Taiwan. Our assembly factories in Taiwan and Vietnam (both have 30+ years of experience in soft goods production) finish our products to the highest construction quality standards by Vanquest®

See Comparison Chart

Comparison Chart



Other Brands

A - Fabric Material

Military-grade CORDURA® Nylon 66 for the toughest abrasion-resistance

YES. VANQUEST® is featured on CORDURA's official site, and we only use CORDURA® Nylon 66 as our main fabric. NO. Only use lower cost nylon or polyester (PE) fabrics.

MADE-IN-USA MultiCam-Black CORDURA® for military-grade toughness

YES. We use genuine US-made MultiCam-Black CORDURA® that costs 2X-3X more than Chinese-made generic fabrics. NO. Only use fake MutliCam prints on low quality fabrics.

Hypalon Rubber Composite

YES. Hypalon is heat, petro-chemical and UV-stable . NO.

Durable Water Repellent (DWR) Fabric Protector

YES. Durable Water Repellent (DWR) for all-weather performance NO.

Polyurethane (PU) back-coating for water resistance

YES. VANQUEST® uses flexible, durable, and quiet multi-layer PU coating. Premium hand feel & quality that you can tell just by touching. Stiff & noisy (crunchy) fabrics due to low quality PU coating. Cheap hand feel when you touch the fabrics.

Polycarbonate (PC) coating for extra toughness and water resistance

YES. VANQUEST® uses Polycarbonate (PC) coating. PC coating is very expensive and we use it on Urban Series fabrics for enhanced durability. NO.

High-visibility orange 210-D Ripstop nylon interior lining

YES. VANQUEST® uses high-visibility orange 210-D ripstop nylon interior lining for extra durability. Generic black interior fabric without high-visibility and ripstop durability.

Fabric with RFID-Blocking Security Feature

VANQUEST® is one of the first tactical everyday carry company to use RFID-blocking technology. NO.

B - Zipper & Hardware

YKK Reversed RC Zipper

YES. VANQUEST® uses YKK reversed RC zipper for better coil protection. Exposed / less protected zipper.

YKK AquaGuard® Water-Resistant Zipper

YES. VANQUEST® uses YKK AquaGuard® water-resistant zipper for important compartments. NO.

User-Friendly SPARTAN® Zipper Pulls

YES. VANQUEST® SPARTAN® Zipper Pulls are user-friendly for uses who are wearing gloves, and can be opened with just one finger. Zipper pulls with flat paracords knots. Less suitable for one-finger opening.

ITW®, DURAFLEX® & YKK® Premium Hardware

YES. VANQUEST® only uses premium hardware such as ITW®, DURAFLEX® & YKK®. NO. Only use generic plastic parts.

Hardware Material (e.g. side-release buckles)

VANQUEST® uses acetal resin (DuPont DELRIN®) hardware. Acetal has great tensile strength and it is less susceptible to moisture and temperature.              Competitors use low-cost hardware such as nylon. Nylon hardware absorbs & retains water, and its strength is compromised by temperature and moisture.

C - Build Quality & Workmanship

Seams Taped & Finished

YES. Great workmanship and finishing is in our design DNA. NO.

Box-&-X Stitching on Stress Points

YES. VANQUEST® uses the most durable "Box-&-X" stitching. NO.

High Tensile Strength Thread

YES. VANQUEST® uses premium high-strength bonded nylon thread. Unknown low-cost thread.

Bartacking on MOLLE/PALS webbing

YES. VANQUEST® uses the most durable "bartack" stitching. NO. Use weaker linear stitching.

D - Warranty & Customer Service

Limited Lifetime Warranty

YES, and if you are not 100% satisfied, you have 100 days to return. NO.

Easy 100-Day Return

YES, and if you are not 100% satisfied, you have 100 days to return. NO.

Customer Service & Phone Support

We are here to deliver exceptional service! You can always contact us @ 949-216-8880 and talk to one of the Vanquest Team members. Very hard to get a real person on the phone.

E - History, Operations & Others

Company History  

VANQUEST® was founded in 2011.              Unknown.

Product Development

100% designed in the US by experienced industry designers who are passionate about everyday carry (EDC), outdoor, and building the most durable bags & packs. Designed in Chinese factories. Some models are just re-branded bags from Alibaba.

Product Line

VANQUEST® only makes purpose-built bags & packs for everyday carry. We value quality over quantity. Makes everything from head-to-toe: bags, knives, tools, flashlights, hats, clothing, pants, etc.

Color Options

VANQUEST® only offers function-based color options. Fashion-centric color options.


VANQUEST® marketing is all organic word-of-mouth. You receive quality materials & workmanship. Your hard-earned dollars are paying for high-budget full-page ads, not product quality.