B.C. - Chapel Hill, NC

"I love this bag. I work at a VA Medical Center and several of my patients have commented on the bag. I also teach at Duke and several students commented on the bag as well. When your products appeal to both the veteran and college student demographic lines, then you've done something right! Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to find a sling bag that is tough, carries $5,000 of camera gear without screaming "steal me!", easily accepts a rain cover, is comfortable for humping ~20 pounds on an 8 mile hike, and will hold a 13" Macbook? It was damn near impossible until I tried this bag. Thanks, guys, for designing and building a great bag!” 

B.C. - Chapel Hill, NC

"Bought a Javelin VSlinger as I belong to a Search and Rescue team in upstate NY. Used it on a search for the first time and was able to pack all my gear that I needed with extra space available. Very comfortable to wear all day and extremely durable, everything stayed dry. Can't wait to use it hiking and snowshoeing. Good to Go!" 

Savvas E. - Cleveland, England

"I recently returned from a university trip completing a 2yr study on the effects of war amongst our injured servicemen & women. During this trip I used a beautiful bag called the Javelin VSlinger in a lovely tan colour. I was and still am in total awe of this product, it's as if I had used it all my life. I must say it is a damn fine sleek piece of equipment, it fitted all my documents, laptop, harddrive and my other equipment very comfortably in it's many compartments. The padding inside was a great comfort to my peace of mind, especially slotting my laptop into the pouch behind the Velcro strap to secure it. I loved the robust well stitched grab handles that were greatly appreciated when I needed to place it in the overhead bins on a plane. Overall throughout my trip I enjoyed using the Javelin & gladly recommend these items for others as they are beautifully crafted and are of an exceptional quality standard." 

Chris C. - Gibsonton, FL

"Just wanted to tell you that I am very impressed and pleased by your on line 'purchasing experience'. It's the best I've ever seen, and I'm an old dog. Will check back for other items." 

Eric K. - Falls Church, VA

"I originally found you on an EDC forum and bought the Javelin VSlinger for my wife -- very pleased and use it as a small camera bag when bike riding and need camera, water and extras. Looking forward to getting a second bag." 

Evan Z. - Portland, OR

"I just received my Javelin the other day and I'm loving it! I'm using it as my photobag and all my equipment fits perfectly. Your product is excellent. I'm planning to purchase another bag, but would like it to be a backpack." 

Roger S. - Romeoville, IL

"I've been impressed by the Envoy so far in terms of the versatility and copious storage options. I'm excited to see what else Vanquest brings to the market. You guys definitely have the solid construction and smart design aspect nailed down already." 

William B. - Bridgeton, NJ

"I just received the Javelin Sling bag. I have to tell you that I have bought and sold many bags because they just werent 'it'. Your Javelin is a great bag. Finally a company who puts an opposing color inside of the bag so that I can find my stuff. I will be selling 3 bags this weekend that I no longer need. Thank you Vanquest!"