Our Story

Vanquest® was founded in 2011 with one simple mission:
Building the toughest bags & packs for everyday carry (EDC),
helping you stay organized & prepared.

At Vanquest, we think long-term for our users and everyone in our community. We are inspired to build fewer, better things that last: Building better products is not only better for our users, but also better for our environment.

Since 2011, the Vanquest Team has been building the toughest bags & packs for everyday carry (EDC), helping you stay organized & prepared. Vanquest products are trusted by outdoor enthusiasts, adventure travelers, professional and agency clients such as the FBI, US Special Operations Command (SOCOM), US Secret Service, and everyday users like you. We have the experience of helping you stay organized & prepared.

The Vanquest Team comprises outdoor gear designers, photographers, and former founding members of Maxpedition. Our team's diverse backgrounds and unwavering dedication to crafting durable goods for our users are reflected in the responsible sourcing of materials from premium suppliers such as Cordura® for fabrics, YKK® for zippers, and ITW®/Duraflex® for hardware. These top-notch components enable us to create the most rugged and functional packs for you. Our mission is clear: to provide you with the toughest bags and packs for your everyday carry (EDC), helping you stay organized and prepared for all your adventures.


The concept of everyday organization and preparedness is ingrained in the Vanquest® brand’s DNA. While the company was founded in 2011, some of us have been designing products for the tactical & security industries since 2003. These experiences inspire us to build better bags and packs that not only boast durability and functionality but are also perfect for everyday carry (EDC) purposes.


Vanquest embraces long-term thinking. We are inspired to build better things using durable and responsibly-sourced materials that meet both military-grade and the highest environmental standards. All our top suppliers, including Cordura® and YKK® are Bluesign®-certified, and they adhere to the highest Swiss industry standards to minimize environmental impacts during production.

Our goal is to build the toughest bags and packs that last, because when we build things better, it is not only better for our users but better for the planet too.


“Building better, better for earth. We at Vanquest
believe in building fewer, better things that last.”
- Vanquest Team -

Design can be a powerful force for good. At Vanquest, we aspire to design and build fewer, better products that last, while also being a responsible corporate neighbor in our community. Despite our smaller size, the Vanquest Team embarked on our sustainability journey years ago with a vision to be a responsible brand and set an example for similar-sized brands in our industry.

Material choice: Balancing durability & sustainability.

On one hand, we serve many professional and agency clients whose missions depend on the toughest bags made of military-grade materials with superior weather performance. On the other hand, we recognize that material selection profoundly impacts our environment, and a crucial part of our sustainability commitment lies within our supply chain.

In other words, the Vanquest Team must create top-quality products that meet military-spec ruggedness while keeping our environmental responsibility in mind. This commitment includes considering factors such as chemical use, water consumption, product life cycle, and worker well-being, enabling us to make ethical and responsible choices.

Bluesign®-certified material suppliers & partners.

We strive to make informed choices that benefit both our users and our community. Through years of trial and error, we now exclusively use durable and responsibly sourced materials that meet both military-grade and the highest environmental standards. All of our top suppliers, including Cordura® for main fabrics, YKK® for zippers, and Duraflex/ITW for hardware, are Bluesign®-certified. Bluesign® partners adhere to the highest Swiss textile industry standards to minimize environmental impacts. Bluesign® certification covers chemicals, processes, materials, and products, ensuring the products are safe for the environment, workers, and customers.

We believe in continuous improvement and progress. In recent years, we have transitioned to using more eco-friendly materials that are Bluesign®-certified, have higher recycled content, are more solution-dyed, and avoid long-carbon PFC water repellents (such as Teflon coating) to minimize our environmental impact while delivering the best possible products.

We do our part to be responsible & sustainable.

Here are a few ways the Vanquest Team has demonstrated sustainability and responsibility over the years:

Since 2011:

  • We only produce durable packs designed for longevity.
  • We only introduce products with thoughtful designs for longer life cycles to minimize waste.
  • We offer after-sale product care through education and warranty to extend the life of your gear.

In 2013:

  • We recycled and reused all cardboard and packing materials.
  • We collaborated with ISO-certified factories in Vietnam and Taiwan that are highly rated for quality and social responsibility.
  • We communicated our emphasis on the working environment, worker well-being, and the absence of underage labor to factory management.

In 2015:

  • We started partnering with Bluesign® material suppliers.
  • We discontinued Teflon-coated fabrics and transitioned to more environmentally friendly water repellents (C6 DWR).

In 2017:

  • We adopted paperless invoicing for domestic orders.
  • We established a long-term partnership with Bluesign® suppliers to offer PFAS-free fabrics, including C0 water repellent in the future.

In 2022:

  • We partnered with and donated $10,000 to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and UN World Food Program (WFP) for humanitarian causes.

We appreciate you for being a part of our journey

At Vanquest, we want to use our design passion and our influence in the industry for good causes. We are committed to evolving, learning, and inspiring positive change. We look forward to a world where sustainability and social responsibility are integral to every brand, regardless of size.

As we continue on our journey, we also want to thank everyone for your support since 2011. Since day-1, Vanquest's core values have always been great products, exceptional service, and continuous improvement. The Vanquest Team is dedicated not only to enhancing your everyday carry (EDC) experience but also to improving the world around us. Together, we can build a brighter future for generations to come.


Since our founding in 2011, Vanquest's core values have always been great products, exceptional service, and continuous improvement. At Vanquest, we strive for the highest level of customer satisfaction, and we are fully committed to bring you the best customer experience. 

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